Par Fore Productions is a full service production company providing everything needed from shoot to edit.


Par Fore Productions supplies DPs, sound operators, camera, and lighting packages for a multitude of client's needs. From full super 35 sensor cameras to a complete Editorial Post. Par Fore can cover all your needs from shoot to edit and has crews ready to shoot anywhere in the world.

Please contact bookings@parforeproductions for more information.


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Neal is a Cable-Ace award winning and Emmy nominated cameraman who has been shooting entertainment and hard-news stories for nearly 20 years. He’s requested by top actresses, models, and anchors for his editorial, shooting, and lighting skills. 

His resume ranges from segments for major motion pictures to documentaries on the Arctic Circle and Vietnam. He has also covered all the awards shows, traveled with politicians and has been the behind the scenes cameraman - director on hundreds of music video, television and movie sets. He has directed multi-camera shoots for countless clients. Neal is not only sought after because he’s one of the best in his field, but also because he is such a pleasure to work with. His creative eye, “no problem” attitude and sense of humor leave the client feeling thrilled with their product and wanting to work with him again.

Neal’s production company, Par Fore Productions supplies crews with camera, lighting and sound gear for location shoots. He also owns and manages Valley Meadow Post, a complete online HD/SD edit facility that is rented out by movie studios, news networks, public relations firms and government entities.